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How long do you spend reading through articles online? What exactly does a quality website or blog content mean to you?
In this piece, you will discover crucial tips to writing better contents for your website.
Little wonder how some articles natural tend to grab your attention even amidst all the distracting elements around? The truth is this: no matter how busy we, or our minds may be, there are always some things that tend to naturally capture our attention because we can relate better with them. Question is; how exactly can writers get to create such articles?

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” – Leo Burnett

There is a measure of psychology involved in content-creation. Regardless of the value contained in an article, the accurate employ of the psychological factors is a key to creating likable, engaging content – this is the juice of content creation.
To write the kind of amazing content that leaves your readers stunned, you really don’t have to be a guru, you just need to understand the emotional (psychological) background to content writing. But NO, this is no rocket science – it’s actually much simpler than you may think.
However, to further simplify the process here are 4 tips worth considering.

Blend in data and imagery to buttress credibility.

Data gotten from research reports are so much more trustworthy than personal opinions – except for those who have already established themselves as an authority in that niche. Statistical finding go a long way to help you earn trust, and this in turn enables you highlight points that people can naturally relate to. Whatever points you may have to make, it usually resonates deeper when there are statistical backings for your claims.
Also, you don’t just want to keep quoting the statistics and referencing them. There’s need for creativity in the delivery of the data – graphically. Learn different methods of formulating data into graphics and work with it. Haven’t you noticed that articles that integrate screenshots, memes and photographs tend to catch your attention more than just plain texts?
Got the point?

Infuse quotes for leverage.

There are millions of quotes all over the internet – some meaningful, some not. Featuring a quote from a notable individual naturally gives you much-needed leverage that fosters the acceptance of your article. This is due to the fact that any one of that person’s fans or followers are attracted and compelled to read through the article as an involuntary expression of their loyalty and commitment to that person.
However, the quote needs to be placed in a spot where they can be conspicuous and easily spotted, even in the course of a quick scan. Arranging quotes with exciting by-lines gives it the form of attention-grabbing superpower you need your articles to have. In addition, we humans subconsciously believe things to be true as soon as we see it appearing as a quote.
For whatever reason, feature quotes in your content and leverage on the reputation of already established authorities to carve a name and authority for yourself too.

Tell stories – make them fun and engaging.

Did you know that the movie industry rakes in a minimum of $35 Billion globally every year? Any idea why? Simple.
Stories are an integral part of our existence. They convey messages to our brains in a format so simple that our brains can digest and implement almost, if not, immediately.
If you can somehow manage to magically weave a boring or complex topic, idea or thought into a story, you’d be amazed at how easily people will flow along with and capture the idea. And simplicity is incontestably the juice of content delivery.

Section your content into Sub-headings.

When you come across an article online, no doubt you only spend the first few seconds trying to decide whether or not the piece is worth your time. To do this, you’d usually scan through the entire write in a bid to see if there’s anything worthwhile in it. True, right Gotcha!
It’s how we are all wired – your audience inclusive.
Therefore, don’t be lax in content formatting and structuring. Ensure your audience can digest the content of your writing as easily they could read it. This is why you want to make sure the main points stand out solid as subheadings.
You want to create attention grabbing content? Implementing these tips will skyrocket your content writing from “good” to “phenomenal”.

Remember, “less is more” – Robert Browning

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