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Information about our Study Abroad Agency

We are a Study Abroad Agency, we facilitate the process of gaining genuine admissions into foreign universities for those who choose to further their education and Study Overseas. We do realize that a good number of people desire a foreign education, but are either not aware of the opportunities that exist or don't know how to take advantage of those opportunities when they find one. Our objective here is an attempt to close the gap between prospective students and quality education abroad; we make Studying Abroad easier for those who are ready.

How we work

We individually assess each student's needs combined with our knowledge of available programs, admissions requirements and living conditions in a number of universities abroad on order to recommend a country and university that matches their preferences. We guide them through every step, from the admission, to the visa process, to travelling arrangements, and arriving & finally settling down legally abroad.

Who We Are

We are a small team of individuals with first-hand experience of what it's like to live and study in a school abroad. Our wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with links to foreign universities, enables us do our jobs more effectively with competence.

Why Lakeside Unisol?

Why should you, or anyone else for that matter, choose Lakeside Unisol? Because, we have been advising and guiding students on studying abroad for a few years and we have had good results to show. That's why the agency for was formed, to give more prospective students the same satisfaction. Here are 4 good reasons to Study Abroad through our agency:


We've been there before and we know what it's like, we know that it takes, so we can guide you by giving you first-hand, accurate and quality information, so that you don't make the same mistakes that new comers make.


Competence, efficiency and integrity are our watch words when dealing with prospective students. We try to ensure that students gain admission into suitable school abroad and are able to settle legally and get acclimated with the new country they find themselves: We follow you through every step of the way, so you are never alone. We have direct contacts with officials and can therefore follow up closely on the applications for each student.


Affordable no only refers to our fees or charges, but also due to the fact that we match students to schools in locations that suit their budgets based on an individual assessment of each student. We believe that this way, sponsors receive good value for their money when they send their wards or offspring to study abroad.


We follow up on each student closely and individually to ensure they receive the needed support needed to simplify and enhance your study abroad experience. We try to help students in settling in, with information on accommodation options, feeding and welfare, communication, job opportunities and more.

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