Resisting The Lure Of Sin

December 18, 2019




Do you want to live a Total Life? If you are ready to live a fulfilling life, then you’re ready for resisting the lure of sin. You are called as God’s friend to walk with Him. God wants you to increase in spiritual knowledge and understanding.

This book helps you to understand what it takes to walk with God, to increase, develop your faith, and grow in the knowledge of God, also to resist the lure of sin and the power to live a holy life in Christ. The book gives you a direction to know where you are going and prepares you for the coming of Jesus Christ.

BAYO OSINOWO is a bible teacher, dedicated minister and a reformer. He is the Founder/ President of Divine Impact Networks (worldwide), a youth whose message has brought the reality of the divine life to the hearts of many. People have been affected by his outreaches and journals.

He is a computer literate, website designer and also a song writer who loves music. He studied Management and Computer Studies in Wisconsin International University College, Ghana.

“The Light of God that lighteth the part of all men that comes to the world (John 1v5). This Spirit of truth and light, the world is not able to accept for it does not belong to it. However as children of God, we are meant to accept, embrace and delight ourselves in the Lord (Psalm 37:3-5).

We are in the world; but not of the world, this book is a classic reference to call of God for Holy living and walking with a Holy God. It is a God’s timely reminder; this is the significance and importance of this book.

I bless this work as it goes on its divine assignment in Jesus name.”

Prophet (Dr.) G. O. FAKEYE

“To define what life is, we need to be quite understanding about one truth – the kind of life in the whole universe that can be counted as life. 1 John 5:12 says: “He that hath the son hath the life; and he that hath not the son of God hath not the life”. John 3:36 also says: “He that believeth on the son hath obeyeth not the son shall not see life” these two scriptures tell us that unless we have the life of God, we do not have life.

In order to have life, many people need to read and internalize this book. A book written by a young man who loves the LORD and loves to share Him in simple but explanatory way; this book is great for seekers who may be asking to know the truth.

May the Almighty God of glory reveal Himself to you beyond this book in Jesus’ name.”

Dr. Yvonne (Bunmi) Kuyinu Jarvis

(Founder of Life Success Academy C. I. C. Uk, Co – Author of “Married to the Devil, a true life story”).

“Holy Living is a challenging life that the author of this book has enumerated. He reveals the total conviction of Holy Living as a MUST before we can see God”.

Let us thank God for the life of this young Timothy of our time.

Prophet Z. A. EMMANUEL

“This is an exciting book because it shares how God wants us to live. Though, nobody has the monopoly of sin, we can resist it, this book uniquely addresses sin as a foe to mankind.”

Latunde and Allan Olufade

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