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Bayanol Group is a leading privately owned Branding and Business Solutions, International Education Agency and Social enterprise in 2015. Bayanol has presence in different locations including Africa, The Caribbean, Asia and Europe.

At Bayanol, we do not rest on our laurels, rather we are relentlessly re-examining our strengths and processes to attain our vision of being the “is to be the preferred choice”.

Our Team

A dedicated team of professionals
The Latitude team brings together extensive experience and skills to give all our clients diversified perspectives and innovative brand creativity.

We’re a group of brutally honest experts in strategy, branding, graphic design, digital marketing, social media, and website development; and we’re waiting to help increase your bottom line.

Purpose and Values

Open to Ideas: The thought process that goes into our work is vital; we are constantly in search of the next big idea – one that is compelling enough – to reinvent opportunities that ensure we achieve our set goals and serve as a precursor for future performance milestones.

Open to Business: We anticipate and exceed customer expectations through sustained strategic engagements. We welcome new business alliances that align with our purpose.

Clean & Valid code


We are experienced in setting-up and growing small businesses. Let us help you grow your business with our number of supporting services.

Your website is your shop front – is yours inviting for your customers? We can build and design effective sites – not just pretty but they work. Fully optimized for Google and mobile-responsive.

We currently manage a variety of clients across different industries and have helped to grow their networks and develop their brand. Let them manage your social media accounts so you can get on running your business.

Do you need your website content writing in a way that flows and engages your customers? We have a lot of experience writing content for adverts, websites and editorials.

SEO is invaluable for all businesses for a number of reasons and is one part of your marketing plan that can’t be ignored. We have a number of customers who when they came to us were not showing on Google.

As well as offering all the individual marketing tools for your business, we can also support you by being your virtual Marketing Manager. We will manage everything from Social media, SEO, email campaigns, website content, blogs, print and design.

We provide email marketing services to our tenants and clients through an extremely powerful software system. This allows us to provide our clients with in-depth reports to help with their marketing further.

We provide practical, effective and impactful trainings for individuals and organisations. Attending our trainings could serve as a signal to employers that you are keen to develop your competencies, thereby improving chances of advancing your career or landing a new job.

For students who are new to 3D animation this beginner’s course will jumpstart your career. This course focuses on the basics of 3D computer graphics using Autodesk Maya. Students are introduced to 3d philosophy and the Maya interface as well as 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, and basic rendering

Our Website Design Packages & Pricing

Basic 125000
  • Perfect for personal websites, small/medium scale business and informational websites.
  • 1 Free Domain name
  • 5 - 15 Web Pages Pages
  • 1 GB Hosting Space
  • 4 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 20 Customized Email Addresses
  • Contact, Registration & Consultation forms
  • Classic product and services banner slideshows
  • Contact, Registration & Consultation forms
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • 1 Month FREE Maintenance Support
Business 150000
  • For educational websites, corporate organisations, enterprises, online classifieds, online stores etc.
  • 1 Free Domain Name
  • Up to 50 Web Pages
  • 10 GB Hosting Space
  • 15 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 100 Customized Email Addresses
  • Online Shop & Payment Integration
  • Classic product and services banner slideshows
  • Facebook Likebox & Twitter Feeds Integration
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • 2 Months FREE Maintenance Support
Explorer 200000
  • Institutional portals, repositories, directories, high-end eCommerce solutions with custom application.
  • 1 Free Domain Name
  • Up to 150 Web Pages
  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Unlimited Customized Email Addresses
  • Online Shop & Payment Integration
  • Classic product and services banner slideshows
  • Daily Backup of Files and Databases
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • 3 Months FREE Maintenance Support

Some Past Projects

Looking for a Professional Branding and Marketing Solution? Search no further!

Bayo Nuggets

Nuggets For Frugal Living

  • “Nuggets For Frugal Living” written by Bayo Osinowo is a book to look out for. One with an aim to help its readers; find the secret of how to live a total, fulfilling life and Being frugal is possible and attainable. “The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.”

    Saving up for a rainy day, putting your money to work and multiplying it is a wise thing to do. By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest.

Resisting The Lure Of Sin

  • Do you want to live a Total Life? If you are ready to live a fulfilling life, then you’re ready for resisting the lure of sin. You are called as God’s friend to walk with Him. God wants you to increase in Spiritual knowledge and understanding.
  • This book helps you to understand what it takes to walk with God, to increase, develop your faith, and grow in the knowledge of God, also to resist the lure of sin and the power to live a holy life in Christ. The book gives you a direction to know where you are going and prepares you for the coming of Jesus Christ.
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